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Insurance in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Quamme Insurance Services

The residents of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin deserve an independent insurance agency fully dedicated to their clients, whether that’s beginning a client-agent relationship with careful research to regular updates down the road that improve continually strengthen your policy, and far beyond.  The generalized, cut-and-paste insurance policies all too common in today’s industry are often full of holes that can leave you exposed in the event of a disaster.  Other agencies are sometimes unable to accommodate the dedicated attention you not only need, but deserve with your coverage.  


Quamme Insurance Services established an office to make sure that our neighbors in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin are never left out on their own.  Insurance is both a product and a service, occupying a unique niche that can be extremely confusing for consumers.  An agent unable to take the time and provide the attention toward helping you understand and get the most out of your coverage will result in an inefficient and expensive product.

As an independent insurance agency, Quamme Insurance Services is founded upon the principles that will ultimately help Beaver Dam residents understand your insurance product, save you significant time & money, and be there for you no matter the questions you may have or the assistance you need.

Our Insurance Products

Homeowners and Car Insurance

The best part of living in Beaver Dam, WI are the people who make it a wonderful community, day-in and day-out.  Therefore, Quamme Insurance Services strives to do our part in securing the town through the finest personal insurance lines available in the area.

Individual and family risk management begins with sound car insurance and homeowners insurance coverage.  As the assets that keep you on the move every day, a comprehensive solution is necessary—we’ll worry about your safety so that you can live your life comfortably.  Just as each individual and family is unique, your insurance must be as well.  We make it a priority to sit down and take the time to learn your story, using the information to inform our policy decisions together.

Residents often plan to combine their coverage in a bundled home and auto insurance policy.  To learn more, give us a call at 888-753-9232 or request a quote to provide us the initial information.

Life and Health Insurance

Planning for the future can be difficult, but Beaver Dam residents feel comfortable knowing that although we can’t predict the road ahead, we can examine every angle and address your risks professionally and efficiently.  Those searching for life insurance and health insurance will receive the care, attention, and professionalism that are a must when it comes to these delicate products.  Give us a call at 888-753-9232 to begin the conversation on your future.

Business Insurance

We also host the area’s top business insurance program.  As the foundation of our town, the business community provides excellent products and services that keep us moving and growing.  We’re a local business as well, so we have first-hand experience in the risks your operation faces.  Contact us online to schedule a consultation, or visit our commercial insurance page for details.

Our Beaver Dam Office

With three locations, Quamme Insurance Services is equipped to serve neighbors throughout the state, but don’t let this number mislead you.  Each agency has a distinct feel and personality to match the area we secure, but always retain the small business attention you seek as an insurance customer.  Our location in Beaver Dam is just as invested in the communities we serve just as much as our customers are invested in the security we provide.

If you are interested in a reliable conclusion to your insurance-shopping process, we invite you to join the Quamme Insurance Services family.  Find out more for yourself by calling the Beaver Dam office toll-free at 888-753-9232 or contacting us online.

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